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BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD : The default graphics of the game is set to low during start-up ( to support low end PCs ). So, consider setting it to High using the game's very dynamic Realtime graphics settings from 'option menu' if you want a realistic gameplay experience.

welcome to the biggest *free* Survival game created by me, with interactive environments, realistic graphics and a immersive story.
 - # _The Story :_
_You play as a cybernetic organism from the planet named Anvara. The story takes place on a Junkyard planet surrounded by a deadly asteroid belt which stretches upto thousands of kilometers. The asteroids are camouflaged by the planet's shadow thus, they are not often noticed by ships passing by and Space ships often ends up crashing into it. The planet is full of crashed space ships of different kinds thus it gets the name of 'junkyard planet'.
You have crashed down on this planet where rescue missions are not possible and often ends up failing because the planetsl is covered with sentinels from the crashed ships and **they are programmed to kill**_
 - # _The Map :_
_Huge openworld setup. With lots of interactive items. There are collectibles spread all around The map._
| Items | Description |
| ------- | ---------------------------------- |
| Energy | Energy plasma are spread all over the map and they can be collected by the player. Collecting them will increase the HP regeneration rate and will have a impact on the overall score.
| HP circle | HP regeneration circles also placed around the map. On stepping inside the circle it will heal the player. HP regeneration rate depends on the amount of energy collected, the more energy you have the more will be the HP regeneration rate.
| Tools | Tools are important objects which must be picked up because it will help in the second phase while fixing up the space ship. You cannot move onto the second phase without having at least one tool. It will also reflect upon the final score. | Bonus points | bonus points are also spread around the map. On being picked up it will increase the amount of time you have until your fuel runs out and as said previously it will also add up to the final score. |
| *Supply Crates* | supply creates can be found near the crashed ships, you need to collect at least four of these supply crates. You will have to use its content later to fix one of the ship which will help you to escape the planet. It will also increase your final score. you cannot move on to the second phase of the game without collecting all 4 them. |
| Info pyramids | which contains information about different objects around the map; simply walk up near them and press E to unveil the information hidden inside. Often these contains clues, tips and tricks. |
 - # _Enemies :_
>! _You need to observe carefully and learn about your enemy there are two kinds of enemy in this game,  one is a harmful spectator which searches for its prey and calls the killer sentinel which in runs you down and kills you._
- # _Objectives:_
_You have crashed landed on the planet **Liavis (also known as the junkyard planet)**, it is known to be a crash site of many major space ships. Rescue missions are not possible so you have to find a way to get off this planet. You need to **collect 4 of these supply crates** . After collecting all supply crates, **make your way to Unzogawa ( another Crashed ship with operable condition )**; You have to get into Unzogawa and fix it before it can take off. Hopefully you will have all the tools necessary._
>! - # _Easter Egg :_
>! Press Alt + F7 to access the secret Easter egg which was put into this game.

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Intercept v1.01 (32bit Installer)